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The Headache of Why Men Cheat

10 Explanations (nonetheless surely not every one) Why Men Stray on The Women They Adore

From a sexual standpoint, healthy adult men have a tendency to be most aroused by visual enjoyment of women's body parts and sexual acts. Men in general also appear to have a greater psychological aptitude to engage in objectified, secret sexual experiences. This is why men like pornography and strip clubs - settings that allow them to sexually objectify female body parts.

I am simply presenting a few possible explanations of exactly why guys are unfaithful. It's what men are designed for. It's a piece of their reproductive function. It is a by-product of longer life expectancy, more deadening jobs, and too much labor. And it's  an inborn refusal to give up one's own desire for the problematic and archaic structure of marriage.

1. Beyond a certain age, we commit to someone as we need a culturally acceptable way to sleep with her on a continuous basis. If you’re in an emotionally satisfying but sexually dead relationship, it can be more infuriating than having no one at all.  Cheating becomes easy to rationalize.

2. Unfaithful men might have spouses who cheat.  Guys also get revenge on their unfaithful wives, by having multiple relationships. Even if their wives are guilty, some men continue with their tricks. This is typically done by men who do not want to forgive their girlfriends or wives.

3. It doesn't happen often, but when a beautiful woman comes on to you, especially if she  is aware you are married or in a committed relationship, it takes more resolve than the typical man has to turn that offer down.  You may never see another chance like that.  It is  even hotter if she's committed and cheating on her husband.  Somehow, the reward always appears higher than the danger.

4. Other motives for unfaithfulness include a need for thrills or excitement, feeling bored to death by the sex they receive from their significant other, or feeling hesitant to reveal their intimate wishes and fantasies with their spouse.

5. If a marriage starts great and continues for years, people change.  She changed.  You changed.  And you can't get back together.  You do not love her anymore.  It's  agonizing, but it's time to move on.

6. Sometimes in a long-term relationship, individuals let themselves go. Maybe she’s gained a lot of weight, developed a drinking issue, or simply doesn't care anymore. The problem with familiarity is that you don’t identify these things as they occur over time. Rather, you awaken one day and understand the creature sharing your apartment is a far cry from the young woman you first noticed and lusted after. Again, for many guys, it comes down to choosing between fixing a tricky dilemma or just chasing tail elsewhere.

7. A few men will turn to a new woman because they do not believe their efforts to bring home the bacon are respected.  A rotten, shopaholic wife is sufficient to make an older man long for flower power, free love, and a less difficult life.

8. Many men remain aggressive throughout their lives.  Conquest feels good.  We need to be champions.  What better way than by keeping a number of females happy.

9. Men sense it is their natural, evolutionary, and God-granted right to have intercourse with as many women as possible. These men will frequently claim that the sexual and intimate commitment forced on them by their spouses or significant others is but an outdated legacy of inflexible ethical and religious code that feels abnormal to them.

10. Men cheat because they need to, more than wish to.  Call it an excuse, but nature wins out.

One of the things women don’t comprehend is that men live in a society of adultery. We witness it all around us. Just about every single day.  We have associates who have strayed on their spouses. We have been on business trips where we went to strip clubs and our fellow workers went to the back room for more. We don’t tell our spouses. A number of guys, and maybe even husbands, run with the Vegas idea that what is revealed among men remains among men.

The bottom line is that there’s no decent method to cheat-proof your marriage, but communicating, appreciating each other, and giving physical and emotional support frequently is a step in the right direction.

If you ask a man if he is unfaithful, and he's extremely defensive and attempts to make you feel like you're insane, that is a critical warning flag. The cheating man does more than lie.  He will then attempt to turn it around and make the woman feel like she's over the line. A man who has not cheated is habitually more taken aback and surprised. If he denies it, start checking his phone. ~ 

Even before she commits, she needs to recognize how to capture his heart and make him love her for ever and ever.  The best defense is a good offense. ~

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