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Master the Art and Science of Backlinking

Master the Art and Science of Backlinking -

Backlinking in the Era of Animals

Every so often, Google animals - Panda, Penguin, and more - escape from the zoo and destroy sites that were formed using rules Google alone promulgated.  Backlinking is a situation in point.

In the post panda and penguin world, the rules have changed, but the imperative to build backlinks remains. They need to be diverse, relevant, with a wide variety of anchor texts, a mix of no follow and do follow links.

Everything in this process starts with writing an innovative article.

You do not want to link directly to your category website because you’re generating hundreds of backlinks at a time.  If you point all of them to your niche site, it will look totally unnatural and your site won’t be able to handle it without raising a red flag. When you point these links to your anchors, because your anchor sites have a high ranking, they’ll be able to handle the flood of links but at the same time pass SEO strength generated from all of those links to your niche site.

Bottom Line:  If you depend on Google natural search for your local business success, you may be taken down at any time through no blunder of your own.

Basics of a Good Backlinking Policy:

1. Target your backlinks to your home page and at least three inside website pages.  A number of backlinks to include are exact match, URL, brand, and random keyword phrases.

2. Studies have shown that we need to use a wide array of anchor texts.  As little as a 0-15% exact match will be sufficient.

3. Bare links like used to be frowned upon.  Not so these days.  You may have from 25% to 75% of your links as raw URLs.

4. Few but better backlinks from a varied quantity of websites is critical.  Backlinking relevancy has been shown to play an essential role.

5. Paying attention to your backlinking diversity will help you win the traffic your website needs and wants.  Studies have established that you will get more and superior traffic to your website by systematically working to get backlinking diversity using diverse sources for backlinks.

6. If all of your links are "follow", the search engines get suspicious.  "Nofollow" links do not raise page rank but nonetheless give you Google juice.  A mix of follow and nofollow links is natural and expected.  Even dead links are not the difficulty one would expect.

7. Indirect links build massive amounts of backlinks which link directly to the anchor properties in another anchor layer. These links do not point straight to your niche site.  Of course, you can market your site, but all links from your home computer means no authority and no ranking.  Thousands of search engines, social media, and forum web sites exist with unique IPs.  Utilize them.

A backlinking strategy is straightforward but not easy.  Why?  Time.  Our service puts your business in more than 16,000 links around the internet.  It is an eight week program to grow your web authority quickly but organically.  Going viral is not just for Honey Boo Boo and Gangnam Style.

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